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I'm doing weekly posting onto Facebook and Linked in, and putting them up on my thejobyouwant website. 

Click on the button, and you will find an increasing number of these  potentially  transformational articles and links in the following topic areas:

1. Articles around work, careers, recruitment - getting the job you want

These will be practical ideas for how to create and use the important information you'll need to:​

  • get really clear on who you are and what you love

  • grow your ideas round your ideal job

  • develop your decision making in these key areas of your life

  • write the type of impactful CVs, cover letters and personal marketing material to help you open the doors to your next opportunity.

2. Articles around supporting & inspiring others with coaching and mentoring

I've been involved in coaching for so many years:

  • as a manager in a large financial services company,

  • as a parent,

  • as a partner,

  • as a friend,

apart from

  • in a professional capacity in NLP and career coaching work.

So I've been fascinated by the rise of the use of the word mentoring over recent years, and what I feel is the sad misuse and confusion in the two terms - mentoring and coaching.

Why is this an issue? Simple and crucial - they are wonderfully different, and if you are to fulfil your potential as you support others in their decision making and actions, then I believe the best way to do this is to purposefully grow both your mentoring and coaching skills - but to do this you need to understand clearly what they each are, and what the crucial differences are.

So I'm creating a series of articles to differentiate the two aspects, and the articles will be based round the slides that I've put up in the "Free Resources" section. Click the button to go there now.