the programme

What is 'redesign your life'?

  • Are you doing the job that you know you really want to do?

  • Are you applying for jobs that you know exactly fit who you are and what you want?

  • Have you got a set of criteria for your ideal job, based on your values and your strengths?

  • Have you changed and your life hadn't yet caught up?


If you answered no to any of these, this programme could transform your work and your search for your next role.


Our vision is all about helping you:

  • find what you love and

  • do what you love


This means giving you: 

  • first the tools to discover who you are - your unique bundle of strengths, values, talents, passions, skills and knowledge, 

  • then to use these to create your ideal job criteria - the set of things you would want in your future work


It means understanding who you are and what is important to you, and from this base, you can then make the decisions to move forward in whatever new directions you want.