Free resources to download

I am in the process of putting up a range of free resources on this page. 

Over the next month, I will be adding a number of resources to help you write really effective CVs, using the information you've discovered and built up in the 2 programmes

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In downloading and using the resources, they are the opinions and recommendations of the creator of this site, the final version of whatever you are creating, will always be your judgement, and yours alone.

I offer an affordable email based review service for CVs:

Getting results as a mentor coach

This is the short set of slides setting out the basis of both mentoring and coaching.

The idea is designed to:

  • set out the key points of each, and

  • show you how you can maximise your input as you work with people

It's all about showing you how by growing flexibility you can move between being mentor and coach, and both inspire and support the actions the person wants to take.

Great ideas for writing CVs for young people

Your CV is all about showing how you as a person and you with your experience are the right fit for whatever you are applying for.

But if you're a young person just out of  school or college, you appear to have little experience to use to write this.

Handout 1 introduces the basic principles of a CV, in accessible and understandable way

Handout 2 shows you how to take typical activities young people will have done and turn them into interesting and appealing role related information.

These documents show you how you can take the limited experience you've had and create real authentic information about yourself.