making great job & career decisions

Making the right job & career decisions

I'm often talking to people who are in the middle of a big career decision, and don't know what to do or how to make the decision.

  • If I ask them what they want, they don't know, and feel paralysed to decide their next step. 

  • If I ask them what information they've got about themselves to make that decision, they seldom know.

“I am not a product of my circumstances.

I am a product of my decisions.”

– Stephen Covey

Making great decisions is all about knowing your criteria - the things that are important for you at that stage of your life. This is a set of simple but powerful information about you.


My programmes and my coaching are all about helping you quickly and easily work out your criteria, so you can make the right decision and move forwards.

Option 1 - totally FREE

This is easy and is free, involving just an investment of your time.

  • Simply do one or both of the free courses​.

  • Living on purpose will help you start understanding your big "whys" and help you create a short powerful purpose statement.

  • Redesign your life will give you a deeper understanding of who you are, and give you a set of criteria to use for those big decisions.

Option 2 - start with the FREE courses, and try out our affordable coaching later

This is easy to start, with no upfront commitment to coaching; but the option is always there if you feel stuck or feel it would be good for an experienced coach to help you reflect more deeply.

  • Simply do one or both of the free courses.

  • If you feel coaching would help, just email at any stage of the process.

  • Redesign your life is in 4 parts.

  • The suggested coaching approach would be to complete part 1and email your output to me - I read it, review it, and email back my reflections and challenges.

  • You repeat this for each part.

  • At the end, you create an action plan which you email to me for the final review and summary.

  • Cost? You send your output from part 1 to me, I quote you cost, and if you want to proceed, you internet the fee over.

My guarantee - if you genuinely feel after my email coaching input for that part that what we've done is not worth the money - I do a full refund for that part and we stop.