option 3  - join a group

We offer three different approaches, and they will suit different timescales, expectations and budgets.

Redesign Your Life focuses round a workbook of activities. The different options are based round the different levels of video and coach-based support, and on whether you want to work alone or in a group.

Option 3 - joining a group

This is the most formal approach we offer, where you join a coach-led group, based round a carefully thought through set of activities, with individual and small group reflection time. There are short introductions to the ideas, followed by the activities and reflection.


To get maximum value from the coach-led sessions, there will be some preparation work before coming, and between the sessions, and these will utilise some of the video materials.


To get the most out of this approach means being able to commit to the group timetable, and do the activities in the time periods allowed for.


People who take this approach love the chance to discuss with and learn from others on a similar journey and people often make very helpful and supportive connections through this. In addition, the group approach can help ensure you stick to a timetable, and get the programme completed

Please note

There are NO group sessions currently scheduled

Email interest and I will update you as and when sessions are available

Why join a group?


Remember ... over 80% of people in work are doing jobs they don't enjoy.

What is the biggest reason we don't take action to do something about this? In my experience:

  • it's not because we don't want to

  • it's not because we can't afford it and

  • it's not because we can't do anything about it


So why is it?

I would suggest it's because many of us are very good at putting off and avoiding decisions like this. We know we need to do something, but we put it off, thinking we'll find a better or more convenient time to sort it all out. And of course, we often never do...


And I believe the answer for many people is - join a group


How does joining a group help? Apart from facilitation by an experienced coach, a course works:

  • because having a start day means you start, and

  • because by being on a course with other people, social pressure means, you do the activities.


And in addition, for many, a course means you can bounce ideas off others in a similar situation.