how to do the course

We offer three different approaches, and they will suit different timescales, expectations and budgets.

Redesign Your Life focuses round a workbook of activities. The different options are based round the different levels of video and coach-based support, and on whether you want to work alone or in a group.

Option 1 - joining a coach-led group, when available


Option 2 - following the standalone video programme


Option 3 - working directly with a coach

  • see the separate page for each option


Email me for part 1  -when you've finished that, I will email you the next part - free ... there are 4 parts in all.

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going deeper

The “Redesign Your Life” videos and workbooks provide a great FREE  base to build the information you need, ready for decision-making later on. In addition to the video and workbook programme, we do offer some further commercial questionnaires which can add further insights. These are NOT part of the free offer, as they are purchased from other suppliers separately to the main programme - ask for details.

Hogan Questionnaires:

  • The Hogan Motivation, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI) is widely used to identify values on a set of 10 scales. It can be hugely useful to add to the values work on the programme, especially in confirming core values.

  • The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is “designed to assess personal qualities that promote success in work, in relationships, in education and training and in life.” This is aimed at helping people get clear on their potential.

  • We are fully certified to run and give feedback on the Hogan materials


Clifton StrengthsFinder:

The Clifton StrengthsFinder is a commercial questionnaire created by Tom Rath and the Gallup research organisation. Their premise is that we too often focus on what we do badly and put large amounts of often futile effort into improving those areas of our lives. Instead, they suggest we should play to and with our strengths and use our strengths to choose the roles we will do well and to grow our effectiveness in those roles.


The StrengthsFinder has identified what they call 34 talent or strength themes. In our experience, the questionnaire can be very effective in:

  • helping people get clearer on their strengths & strength themes

  • linking their strengths to the other areas we identified in this programme

  • identifying the types of activities and work areas you may want to focus on

  • preparing for job applications and interviews