Here are some testimonials from clients about their experience of the Redesign Your Life programme, and the impact it had on their outlook, career journey, and life goals.


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Jamie joined a 2015 programme having completed his degree in engineering, wanting to get some focus into his job searching.

He was keen to get much clearer on both what he wanted and what he could do, so he could approach the job search and application process with real confidence.

Jamie is now in his first role and knows he is moving in the right direction to grow a career that fits with his ideal job criteria.


Click on Jamie's picture to watch his short video comments.

Giles is a very experienced marketing professional, having held Marketing Director roles in several large organisations. (you can find him on Linked In at ttps://www.linkedin.com/in/gilesp)

In 2014, he joined the Redesign Your Life programme as he was planning his next career move. As you’ll hear directly from Giles, he found the programme hugely influential in the decisions he was about to

make and is now running a thriving marketing practice, designed around the concept of Brand Truth.

Giles has been enormously supportive of the programme, and is now helping us run sessions on discovering your own personal brand, and marketing this effectively in your work.


Click on Giles' picture to watch his short video comments.

Luke joined a 2015 programme, invited by a friend, who was already enrolled on it.

Both are well established in their careers, but they were aware that they wanted to get career direction longer term, & start the process of a career plan.

Luke was keen to both use his strengths to the full and find the level of long term fulfillment he knew was important in the type of career he created.


Click on Luke's picture to watch his short video comments.

Andi joined our programme in 2014, wanting to rethink what she was doing,

For some time, she'd known in the back of her mind she had a heart for doing something with real social impact in India. 

As she will explain, the programme has been the catalyst for her to change the whole way she sees herself and her life and to have the confidence now to be taking the steps toward fulfilling her dream.


Click on Andi's picture to watch her short video comments.

Pete joined our first programme. His role had been made redundant, and he joined the programme just as he was offered a new role, managing IT support services. 

He was unclear what he really wanted longer term, so joined the programme and started the new job. 


As Pete mentions in his video clip, the programme was hugely valuable for him, helping him see he was actually in his ideal job and had been  all along. As he explains, the key for him was to take his unique range of strengths and personal qualities and use them to make the job ideal for him.


Click on Pete's picture to watch his short video comments.

Bryan joined having done a range of employed and self employed roles, but was aware he’d not yet found what he knew he wanted

Following the programme, Bryan has now set up as a business coach working in a partnership called Engineering Business Growth. Bryan explains how joining a group course really worked for him, with the ability to discuss with others & the way a group course means you have a set time for action. He also explains how its impact went wider than just work.


Click on Bryan's picture to watch his short video comments.

Feedback on the course materials

"Peter really has something incredibly special in terms of his positive style and pragmatic approach. The sequence of questionnaires help to build a picture to put into words who you are and what types of work suits you. The final document enables you see clearly what your skills are and what your possible future could be. It also gives you the confidence to take action in a direction that fits and then assess opportunities as you move forward. The course is incredibly refreshing, and empowering for anyone who feels 'stuck'."

Encouragement to join

“This course made me question my motives in a good way; if I’d had the opportunity to do this course 20 years ago, it would have helped me hugely in my career and the direction I’d gone in; it challenges you to think about so many important issues relevant to work and life.”

“If anyone feels despondent or overwhelmed by the Prospect of getting their ideal job - this is the course for you; this will open up your eyes and world - you will be totally equipped to move forward with confidence and your wishes will be fulfilled.”