option 1 - standalone

We offer three different approaches, and they will suit different timescales, expectations and budgets.

Redesign Your Life focuses round a workbook of activities. The different options are based round the different levels of video and coach-based support, and on whether you want to work alone or in a group.

Option 1 - the standalone video driven  programme

You get access to the videos and you do the programme at your speed to fit with your lifestyle and your requirements.

For this, the video programme is in 4 parts, each centred around video tutorials, workbook activities, and reflective journalling. The videos have been carefully created to walk you through the key activities, with clear instructions to give you lots of ideas to trigger your thinking.

A typical question is "but will I know how to complete the activities?"

The videos have been designed to answer this, giving you detailed examples throughout to demonstrate the type of thinking I want you to do


It is designed to really be comprehensive and to work on a stand-alone basis.

My current offer - the 4 part video and workbook programme all for FREE


1. Email part 1 for free - simply email for a pdf copy of the activities & access to the videos


2. Then when you complete that, email me and I will send the next parts 2

3. The only cost is if you want coaching, or want to do the possible additional separate commercial questionnaires. There is massive value in the course without these; but they can add really helpful extra information for those who are interested.

You can simply start the standalone programme, and if you later find you want coaching, then contact me for details