option 2 - coaching

Option 2 - working directly with a coach

This approach centres round the video programme, but aims to provide the benefits of its flexibility on timescales with the input along the way of a professional coach.


Some people love the idea of working on their own, sitting in their own space and doing the video and workbook by themselves.


But a video and workbook can neither answer your personal questions, nor work alongside you to help you notice patterns developing and ask you the types of personal questions that can open up whole new areas of thought.


So for that reason, we offer the option of professional email based coaching.

We can be totally flexible from:

  • as little as 2 hours near the end to help you draw conclusions from everything you’ve found out, to

  • a comprehensive process throughout the programme, providing empowering support each step of the way, with a coach asking those important questions you may not have thought about, or may have avoided.


And you can decide what you want at the start or at any time during the programme.

Why not just start

Redesign your life is now an easy decision to just start - one email delivers you Part 1 and off you go.

There's no upfront commitment to coaching; but the option is always there if you feel stuck or feel it would be good for an experienced coach to help you reflect more deeply.

  • Simply start Part 1 (click button the right to receive it).

  • If you feel coaching would help, just email at any stage of the process.

  • Redesign your life is in 4 parts.

  • The suggested coaching approach would be to complete part 1and email your output to me - I read it, review it, and email back my reflections and challenges.

  • You repeat this for each part.

  • At the end, you create an action plan which you email to me for the final review and summary.

  • Cost? You send your output from part 1 to me, I quote you cost, and if you want to proceed, you internet the fee over.