why it's for you

Have you found what you love doing?


As a parent, a friend, and a professional coach, I meet more and more people who are doing what they don't want to do, leaving them feeling very demotivated about their work and their wider lives. Recent research suggests over 80% of employees do not enjoy their work.


And coaching people as they apply for work, I find so many are applying for lots of jobs hoping they'll fit, without a clear sense of what they're good at or what's important to them.


When I talk to people, it's clear that they've missed a vital step in their

life journey. This step involves finding out about themselves, getting a clear sense of who they are, so they can then get a clear view of where they want to go. If you've ever felt any of these, then it might be time to Redesign Your Life.


I wonder what you'd say if I were to ask you the questions in the mindmap above. Based on these sorts of questions, Redesign Your Life is all about helping you clarify


  • Where you are now, including your achievements 

  • What's important to you - your values 

  • What you're good at - your strengths

  • What you want you life to be about - you purpose


Doing this, you'll be able to find what you love, set goals you really want to achieve, and start taking action. 

Can we all do what we love?


People often ask this question. My answer is simple. You’ll only find out

if you actually know what you love doing. 


In my experience, I've met very few people who base their lives on a strong sense of purpose and vision. Many are unaware of what they're good at, and very few are clear on what they love doing. This makes

'doing what you love' rather difficult, as you don’t know what it means. And only a small minority have worked out exactly what’s important to them, so they can live authentically from those values.


'Coming alive', 'being in your element', 'living in an inspired way' - however you want to describe it - starts by getting clear on all of these.


From here, you can decide if you can actually 'do what you love'.

'Finding yourself' can be so empowering that it opens up more and more ways of doing what you love. 


Just because you haven't found what you're good at right now doesn't mean it isn't there. Redesign Your Life provides the tools for uncovering what you really want to do with your life and how to actually do it.


And remember, life is much more than work.